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[#Paris -Barbès] Barbès Brewery

Located just opposite the exit of the Barbès Rochechouart station, the Barbès brewery is an unusual place, whose apparent luxury contrasts with the popular district where it has settled. The first time I saw the Barbès brewery, I was struck by the contrast between the street vendors of counterfeit and […]

[#Paris – Marais] Miznon

Located at the entrance of the Rue des Rosiers, Miznon is a very small restaurant … and yet, a large crowd rushes every afternoon to queue and have his pita . I did say that in 2017, I will test other vendors of pita and other falafels from Rue des […]

[#Paris – Nation] Chez Prosper

Paris. 22h one evening on weekdays, and the need to calm down with sweet sweets following an extended meeting. Neither one nor two, a colleague made me discover Chez Prosper at Nation! At Prosper, it’s an institution on the Place de la Nation, a kind of French brasserie and tea […]

[#Paris – Etoile] Chez Gabrielle

I have always thought that the restaurants next to the Place Charles de Gaulle Etoile were all overpriced for reasons of tourism and prestige … but thanks to my other blog, I was invited to an incredible gourmet restaurant at a very reasonable price. Chez Gabrielle is a restaurant that […]

[#Paris – Les Halles] Les pâtes vivantes

Located rue de Turbigo, in the 1st arrondissement of Paris, we finally tested the historic restaurant of the brand Les Pâtes Vivantes, several times recommended by our Parisian friends. Arrived in front of the restaurant, we were surprised to see a queue quite impressive … I even think it’s the […]

[#London] Shake Shack burger

Today, I invite you for the rest of our gastronomic journey. After Paris, direction England, and more precisely London and its district of Covent Garden. London is a beautiful city, and I highly recommend you visiting it if you have not done so already. But, “what can be eaten here […]