[#London] Shake Shack burger

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Today, I invite you for the rest of our gastronomic journey. After Paris, direction England, and more precisely London and its district of Covent Garden.

London is a beautiful city, and I highly recommend you visiting it if you have not done so already. But, “what can be eaten here on the run?” You may be wondering. Well, it offers a lot of small fast food, but beware, fast food rather “upscale” if you compare them with what McDonald’s can offer, for example. When we talk about fast food, we think mainly of burgers and fries. On target! This is the subject of this blog post :-).

Shake Shack (https://www.shakeshack.com/) is not a brand that is yet very well known in France, due to a lack of presence on our territory. Rumors say that she could eventually open a restaurant in Paris, one day …, maybe … Dreaming does not hurt, will you say :-).

For the record, this brand started its history in the early 2000s as a simple food truck in Madison Square Park in New York. Today, the brand is well established and has several restaurants to its credit including that of London at Covent Garden.

We opted for burger and fries to eat on the terrace, despite the weather of March, because of the lack of space in the small room next to the point of sale. We all feasted, but the shape of the fries made us strongly doubt that they were probably not homemade, but I must say that everything was very good!

To conclude, Shake Shack is an address that I recommend if you are in London and you want to avoid a long service at the restaurant. In addition, the setting of Covent Garden is really nice!

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