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Located just opposite the exit of the Barbès Rochechouart station, the Barbès brewery is an unusual place, whose apparent luxury contrasts with the popular district where it has settled.

The first time I saw the Barbès brewery, I was struck by the contrast between the street vendors of counterfeit and marabou leaflet distributors and this ultra modern, ultra new and ultra chic white establishment. At first, I even thought it was reserved for a “select” clientele and that the prices were out of reach, but in fact, I go there in jeans and the prices, although high for the neighbourhood, remain much more affordable than I thought!

In fact, the Barbès brewery has even become my favourite place when I have to invite external customers to lunch (and even when I want a meal that is out of the ordinary). The setting is extremely pleasant, especially on the 1st floor with the bay windows overlooking the boulevard and the patio whose roof opens in summer. We are far from a canteen atmosphere with very spaced marble tables and velvet armchairs….

As for the dishes, the menu is not very large but still offers a great variety: I haven’t had time to test everything yet 😉 ! For the moment, my preference is for these Italian pasta with a slice of foie gras, covered with a fine fleur de sel crispy under my teeth. The exact name on the menu is Garganelli with foie gras, rosemary infused cream. Certainly, it’s a 18€ dish, but I always enjoy it.

As for the dessert menu, I recommend THE profiterole: a name that surprises you when you read the menu of the Brasserie Barbès, but which takes on its full meaning when the waiter puts the plate before your eyes ^^.

In short, for a bubble of well-being and disconnection in the heart of Paris, I strongly recommend Brasserie Barbès. In addition, your taste buds will not be disappointed! It should also be noted that the service in the dining room is always extraordinary: very efficient, very smiling, and of a rare friendliness from now on.


Brasserie Barbès – Station Barbès Rochechouart

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