Vitaminix blender buying guide

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The various appliances have been designed to make our life easier. Indeed, they help us cook in record time. Plus, they allow us to make creative recipes for family or friends. In this article, I’m going to talk to you specifically about the blender, another type of household equipment that is becoming more and more popular. So, be very attentive!

What is a blender?

The blender is an anglicism designating a kitchen appliance used to mix and puree solid foods. Some define the blender as an electric mixer or a robot mixer. But differences are still necessary between these culinary devices.

Blender: the must-have of the kitchen

A priori, the blender looks like the mixer. This point of view is legitimate because the two devices generally allow the mixing and hashing of whole foods in order to obtain thick textures. Side aspect, the blender and the mixer are also similar. Both comprise a block comprising the motor and activating the mixing blades installed at the bottom of a bowl which serves to collect the preparations. But there is also another type of mixer. This is the manual mixer plunging format. This model does not have a bowl. Its role is to directly mix the food in a container.

Looking closer, the blender is very different from the mixer. It is more efficient and more practical. The use of the mixer is limited. It can not be used for the preparation of soups and smoothies, or soups. But with the blender, all these recipes are possible and the texture is homogeneous (without any piece of vegetables and fruits remaining) with blades often serrated and many. Moreover, the blender is also able to crush the cocktail ice and a heating version allows the cooking of food before mixing.

The difference between a blender and a mixer is also at the power level. In general, the power of a mixer is limited between 100 and 300 Watt, while that of a blender is between 250 and 1200 Watt. Some models can reach 2,000 Watt! As for the capacity of the bowl, that of the blender bowl can accommodate up to 2 liters of food while the capacity of a conventional blender is limited to 1 liter.

To put it simply, the blender is an improved mixer. This kitchen equipment is highly appreciated because it allows you to concoct healthy and homemade dishes. He is the best ally to enjoy the benefits of fruits and vegetables. Indeed, the blender makes sure that food preserves their nutrients.

Opt for a Vitamix blender

When it comes to blenders, the VITAMIX brand is the best known. This is an American brand that has existed since 1921. The Vitamix blender is characterized by its durability and high performance. This single professional device can perfectly fulfill the roles of many other kitchen equipment. Vitamix offers top-of-the-range blenders with optimal power (more than 2 HP with a blade running at 320 km / h). A few seconds are enough to prepare the recipe of your choice. All Vitamix blenders have a 7-year warranty, which proves that they are super quality devices. The bowl has a strong resistance and will not break even if it falls to the ground. And the quality of the Vitamix blender accessories is not left out either.

Using the features of a Vitamix blender is very simple. The buttons are few but allow to properly set and perform the desired tasks accurately. On the maintenance side, a Vitamix brand blender is easy to clean. Just pour hot water and some washing-up liquid into the bowl. Then, you will only have to turn the blender for about 30 seconds and all the elements of the blender are well cleaned.

The special features of Vitamix 750 PRO INOX

The Vitamix 750 PRO INOX is a new model with a clean design. It is less high, ultra powerful but quieter. Its maximum power of 2.2 horsepower allows this device to mix the strongest foods. The plus of the Vitamix 750 PRO INOX is the fact that it is equipped with a bright and ergonomic control panel, a two-liter container (without BPA or bisphenol A) and an easy grip handle.

In addition to the Pulse function and the variable speed knob, the Professional Series 750 also has five automatic programs that allow the blender to shut down itself after cleaning or preparation is complete. These programs help beginners in Vitamix a lot.

The Vitamix PRO 750 has been manufactured to do many and various tasks in the kitchen (very fine mixing, heating preparations, crushed ice design, mixing a paste, powder reduction …).

How to choose your Vitamix

The acquisition of a Vitamix blender is an excellent choice. It’s a big investment, certainly, but it’s worth it. Apart from the model mentioned above, Vitamix offers you many more. Whichever you choose, you will not be disappointed. But some criteria must still be taken into account before proceeding to the purchase. You can go here to find out more.

What to cook with Vitamix?

The Vitamix blender has a bowl for the preparation of dry ingredients and another for liquids. With the bowl for dry ingredients, you can knead pasta, grind spices, produce icing sugar, grind coffee beans … The liquid bowl is used to prepare vegetable milks, creamy fruit or vegetable juices, compotes, raw soups, purees for baby …

The blender is a device that will be of great use in your kitchen daily. If you want to buy one, make the right choice by choosing a product of excellent quality.

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